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LedMax Electronics is located in Europe, Romania and has over 10 years of experience in the field of reselling second-user IT equipment.We process used desktop computers, workstations, All-in-One, computer parts and some laptop parts like memory and hdd.

If you choose to contact us with an offer or query, either by phone or email, you will encounter our friendly and professional sales team who will strive to answer any questions, provide more information and ensure that the whole administration and delivery process is completed in a timely manner to meet our customers’ individual needs.

In our catalog you will find:

PC’s, Desktop, Barebone,Computer Parts : Processors , Memories , Hard Drives, Motherboard, Optical Drives, Graphic Cards, Network Cards, Power Supply, Other Cards


LedMax Electronics srl

VAT / Registration Number: RO 33034743


Warehouse Address: 107071, Blejoi, Sat Ploiestiori, DN1B no 663, Romania