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For us the protection of personal data is very important so we are keeping all our visitors completely informed when it comes to the data that we process, the way we use it, the reason why we ask for it and their rights.

By personal data we mean any data about a person that can lead directly or indirectly to identifying that person, we include here: name, surname, any ID number, location, etc. LedMax Electronics will not use personal data without the person’s consent and will always ask for it everytime it is needed, according to the legislation. LedMax Electronics is constantly trying to improve the techniques with which we process all the personal data.


Email address: If you gave us your email address we will use it to communicate with you regarding your orders.

Name and surname: We will use this data for the contacts between you and LedMax Electronics.

Phone number: We will use this data in order to quickly reach you in the event some situation arises regarding your orders/contracts.

Browser/IP/Device: LedMax Electronics does not store this data.

Firm name/legal entity: We will use the data of the company / legal person for which you work or represent.

Billing data: We will request data regarding the company you represent.

Your profession: We will use this data to personalize emails, correspondence and for the documents we issue.

We can assure you that we are constantly improving so that your personal data that you provide to us is not at risk, according to the law in place. We wish to underline the fact that the provision of personal data is not mandatory in any way – the provisioning is done with free will and consent. Refusing (to give) or withdrawing your consent can be done at any time with no consequence.


LedMax Electronics does not sell personal data to third parties for no reason and in no circumstance. After asking for your consent and only after agreeing to it, we can provide your personal data to suppliers / contractors with whom we collaborate. We also make sure the person that gets your information agrees to our privacy policy.


The right to withdraw your consent: at any time, you can withdraw your consent.

The right to update your data: at any time you can request an update of your personal data

The right to restrict: in the event you have a complaint regarding the correctness of the data or you are against processing it

The right to access: at any moment you can ask for informations regarding the processing of data

The right to portability: on demand we can transfer your personal data to another operator, under the condition that the process is done based on your consent or when it is needed for the performance of a contract.

The right to delete all the information: you can demand the delition of personal data if the collected data is no longer needed, if you refuse the processing of it, or if the processing was done illigaly.

All this considered, LedMax Electronics will process personal data in the following cases:

To fulfill a legal obligation that requires the processing of personal data.

To establish, execute or defend a right.

The right to file a complaint: In the event of a misuse or illegal use of personal data you can file a complaint with your National Data Protection Agency.